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so_severus in d0rk_icons

185 icons... more to come soon

I actually made more icons but being sick gives me less patience than usual to upload.

I have to say that I am loving making text only icons...
You can see that a lot in this batch with many fandoms. Also I'm playing around with coloring (again).

I'm k-kinda busyCollapse )


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So, I came here via Merlin, and then I saw it was you and I squeed! because I usually love your icons!


Up to #93, there isn't one single icon that I don't want for myself. I'm not kidding. And even the ones that come after that, though I'm not into it, I love them all the same! IDEK, but your work is astonishingly good and entertaining (Apple!).
awww yay! :D :) that's so nice :D

seriously - thank you so much!!
Take a few icons, thanks. =)
Oh gods darling why is your work always so fabulous?

Seriously I snagged so many I can't even count them all. Will credit when used!


Psst...I don't suppose you could do a version of the text icons that are the play on the Keep Calm Carry On of just the regular version of it? If not that's fine just thought if you still had them at your finger tips... ;-)

Edited at 2010-03-31 04:30 pm (UTC)
LOL! you are too kind, as usual :) :D

* squishes *

I made this:
is that what you mean?
Love these!! Especially the Buffy one and a few True Blood.
thank you :D enjoy!!
Love the LOTR and gaga icons!
thank you :)
Your icons are both beautiful and hilarious! Loved them all. Grabbing and crediting when use them. TY.
as is the icon you are currently using :P
thank you :D
enjoy the stock!
Love these! Thank you for the pro-Bill icons, so much Bill hating on LJ.
aww thanks!
I don't get why people hate so much on characters, in general. I love Bill and I love Eric :)

hee your icon is cute :D
Really, really beautiful icons. I loved the stock and I thought your cropping and coloring for Pride and Prejudice was absolutely gorgeous! Well done!
aww thank you so much!!
OMGSH these are AMAZZZING :DDD really gorgeous!!! I love them!
omgsh what does #19 say at the bottom? I can't read it! XD
aww thank you so much!!
it says you can rarely see what is right in front of you :)
Taken lots of gaga and the apple icons, will credit thank you :)
Wow.....your icons are gorgeous. snagging a bunch. will credit ;-)
thank you! :D
I love so many of these! Took bunches and will credit when used. :)
yay! enjoy them :D
So pretty!! Snagging a couple with Eric & LOTR!
thank you!
enjoy :D
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