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so_severus in d0rk_icons

185 icons... more to come soon

I actually made more icons but being sick gives me less patience than usual to upload.

I have to say that I am loving making text only icons...
You can see that a lot in this batch with many fandoms. Also I'm playing around with coloring (again).

I'm k-kinda busyCollapse )


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You make the best icons ever! <3
I don't but I'll take the compliment haha :P
thanks <3
awesome icons. ♥
thank you!
Congratulations on inspiring me to make LotR and Lady Gaga icons :P Except they won't be as good bc these are GORGEOUS :P
yay for lotr and gaga!!
you are crazy I love your icons
your coloring skills and general iconness > mine
Beautiful icons! The quotes from Modern Family are too funny.
I love Modern Family :D
it's probably the best new show
I don't think i can express how much i love all of these and i want to snag every single quote icon.

but i won't. just a few ton.
aww thanks


also, what fonts are you using on your font icons? are they standard? if not, where can I find them?
have you heard of dafont.com ??

it's AMAZING! they have thousands of free fonts.
the one in this icon is called trashhand I think - definitely something with a T :)
Taking 73 with credit because it's genius. I love Potter Puppet Pals :D
I hear it in my head so often I just had to make an icon out of it! :)
wow, so many great icons. i've taken a bunch of merlin & lady gaga ones, particularly.
thank you ♥
I hoped you like the Merlin ones :)
if you haven't already seen it, you should look at this ontd post:
yay enjoy :)
can't wait for the next season!
Grabbing some LOTR, thanks!
yay enjoy!
The icons of Lady GaGa are great!!
thank you!
lmao @ the Vandelay Industries icon ♥
Love the coloring on these! The stock especially
I love Seinfeld
thank you!!
Snagged some true blood & lady gaga icons, will credit!
lovely! (:
thank you :D
36-37, 39-42, 46, 49-50, 52-56, 94-95 & 98.
[Credit given if used; usage might incl. writing journals.]

These were really lovely to see. I especially enjoyed the ones without text and quite a lot of the icons looked very crisp and clear.
ooh thanks for letting me know which numbers
and your comment :)
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