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so_severus in d0rk_icons

185 icons... more to come soon

I actually made more icons but being sick gives me less patience than usual to upload.

I have to say that I am loving making text only icons...
You can see that a lot in this batch with many fandoms. Also I'm playing around with coloring (again).

I'm k-kinda busyCollapse )


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Hi. I'm using #98 on Mibba and the icon is credited.
I'm glad you like it and gave credit :)
thank you :) :)
Took the recycling one. Love.
Wow.. just wow..
i can't decided which one i like most.
*add to memories*

thx for sharing :)
aww awesome!!
thanks for commenting and letting me know :D :)
took too many to count...love them... will credit and thank you!!
these are all fabulous! taking 2, 17, 105, 110, 110, 124 and a bunch of the book ones. will credit when I use them. thanks for these!
thanks and yay for letting me know which numbers :D
I love #80. Taking it with credit!
enjoy it! glad you liek it :D
snagging #73 :D

they are all gorgeous tho.
taking #97. ♥
love it.
taking some.
i love your name too.XP
heehee thanks :D
Such beautiful icons!
Grabbed Legolas. Will credit.
Thank you for sharing!
These are beautiful. Yanked the book and coffee cup stock icons. Will credit if used. Thank you!
Thank you so much for the True Blood icons!

I've just started it, and BOY do I love Eric (melting...).

I shtole a lot, but will be sure to credit. Again, thanks!
LOVE the coloring. the lotr ones are beautiful♥
I took a bunch, ta muchly :) Oh, explain 102? Who/what is it describing? It's bugging me :/
Oh yes, I forgot! If you're taking requests, Criminal Minds? Much prettiness to be had there :)
Snagged some of the True Blood ones, thanks!
Hi! Could you tell me the name of the font in icon #22 (or #106, #108, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.
"Keep calm & make icons"
wow, I can deffs relate to that! xD

haha, I also took a bunch of LOTR (Legolas <3) & HP!
Love the LOTR
Saving some, thanks!! ♥
Snagging #78! Will credit, of course.

I went in search of Colin Firth icons and stumbled across your journal! Snagging 149 and 153 -- they're gorgeous! Your other stuff is beautiful as well. Thanks!
very nice! i love #76, the spiral staircase. will credit if using.
Snagging a lot! xD hehe. Just wondering, can you link me to the originals for 84 & 89?

Great icons! ♥
Well, you've just reminded me why I need to start watching True blood again! I have a serious thing for Bill Compton and I've still only watched season 1. This needs to be rectified! Love the icons by the way, I will credit you :)
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