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so_severus in d0rk_icons

185 icons... more to come soon

I actually made more icons but being sick gives me less patience than usual to upload.

I have to say that I am loving making text only icons...
You can see that a lot in this batch with many fandoms. Also I'm playing around with coloring (again).

I'm k-kinda busyCollapse )


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Love the LOTR and gaga icons!
thank you :)
Your icons are both beautiful and hilarious! Loved them all. Grabbing and crediting when use them. TY.
as is the icon you are currently using :P
thank you :D
enjoy the stock!
Love these! Thank you for the pro-Bill icons, so much Bill hating on LJ.
aww thanks!
I don't get why people hate so much on characters, in general. I love Bill and I love Eric :)

hee your icon is cute :D
Really, really beautiful icons. I loved the stock and I thought your cropping and coloring for Pride and Prejudice was absolutely gorgeous! Well done!
aww thank you so much!!
OMGSH these are AMAZZZING :DDD really gorgeous!!! I love them!
omgsh what does #19 say at the bottom? I can't read it! XD
aww thank you so much!!
it says you can rarely see what is right in front of you :)
Taken lots of gaga and the apple icons, will credit thank you :)
Wow.....your icons are gorgeous. snagging a bunch. will credit ;-)
thank you! :D
I love so many of these! Took bunches and will credit when used. :)
yay! enjoy them :D
So pretty!! Snagging a couple with Eric & LOTR!
thank you!
enjoy :D
Love these and woot, love the Vanderlay Industries one. lol It's great. And I grabbed the Keep Calm & Make Icons one, because let's face it, it's perfect!
I go through Seinfeld phases and lately I've been watching it a lot :P
thanks! enjoy :D
What an epic post of awesome things. These are great! I'l be taking 150 of Mr. Firth and credit, of course :)
aww thank you!!

Nice :)

Took 93, will definitly credit. :)

Re: Nice :)

thanks for letting me know! :D
These are just beautiful. ♥

Took 20 and 154 with credit. Thank you. ^^
thank you!
I'm glad you like 154 it's one of my favorites :D
Your coloring is beautiful, lovely icons! thanks for Keira, Carey, Elijah and Katie!! ♥
thank you :)
enjoy them!!
35&39~love the coloring in 35!
thanks :D
You think anyone will mind if I use quotes from a show I've never seen? I hope not, those Tru Blood ones were AWESOME! Took most of them! Thanks darling, will credit of course!

Edited at 2010-04-01 07:07 pm (UTC)
YAY!!! that's pretty cool, actually.

Also it means you should totally watch the show :D
lovely set :)
thank you!
Wonderful! I took 71 & 152. THX!
thank you :d
Taking #84, 87, 109, & 124, thanks!
(thanks for letting me know which :D)
Grabbed 109! I have so many vampire series right now.
oh goodness, loved and snagged a bunch of these. so excited to see Community! that's one of my favorite quotes. oh, Abed. =]

Abed is AMAZING! I loved Vampire!Abed haha
Gorgeous icons!!! I love all the stock, Merlin and ones and those with text ♥. Snagged a bunch and will credit when use, ofc. Thank you!! :D
And sorry for bothering you but can I ask what's the font tha you used on e.g. #116 or 121? :)
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. These are LUSH! I shall credit any I snag, bb! Thanks for sharing!! :D
thanks for your comment!!! <3
Took 83 and 91 :) Will credit when used!
thanks for letting me know which :D
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