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so_severus in d0rk_icons

185 icons... more to come soon

I actually made more icons but being sick gives me less patience than usual to upload.

I have to say that I am loving making text only icons...
You can see that a lot in this batch with many fandoms. Also I'm playing around with coloring (again).

I'm k-kinda busyCollapse )


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There are great. Took a few. Will credit when used. =)

There are, unfortunately, very few minds I'd like to lick. <3
thank you!!
really? I would like to lick quite a few :P
Love them! Snagged Lucius! Will credit! Thanks!
I made that one with you in mind!
no joke
omg, I get so excited when I see you've posted an icon batch. I always LOVE so many of them. I have snagged SO many of them, darling. ♥
aww yay!!

oh, i love your text icons! snagging a bunch. will credit.
thank yOu! I'm really enjoying making those now :D
I'm always so happy when you post icons. These are all fab, but my faves are 15 (I have the t-shirt), 81-86, 169, 172, and 180.
Snagging a few and will credit
oh wow I didn't know 15 was a shirt?!
thanks for commenting and letting me know!!
I appreciate it :D
You make the best icons ever! <3
I don't but I'll take the compliment haha :P
thanks <3
awesome icons. ♥
thank you!
Congratulations on inspiring me to make LotR and Lady Gaga icons :P Except they won't be as good bc these are GORGEOUS :P
yay for lotr and gaga!!
you are crazy I love your icons
your coloring skills and general iconness > mine
Beautiful icons! The quotes from Modern Family are too funny.
I love Modern Family :D
it's probably the best new show
I don't think i can express how much i love all of these and i want to snag every single quote icon.

but i won't. just a few ton.
aww thanks


also, what fonts are you using on your font icons? are they standard? if not, where can I find them?
have you heard of dafont.com ??

it's AMAZING! they have thousands of free fonts.
the one in this icon is called trashhand I think - definitely something with a T :)
Taking 73 with credit because it's genius. I love Potter Puppet Pals :D
I hear it in my head so often I just had to make an icon out of it! :)
wow, so many great icons. i've taken a bunch of merlin & lady gaga ones, particularly.
thank you ♥
I hoped you like the Merlin ones :)
if you haven't already seen it, you should look at this ontd post:
yay enjoy :)
can't wait for the next season!
Grabbing some LOTR, thanks!
yay enjoy!
The icons of Lady GaGa are great!!
thank you!
lmao @ the Vandelay Industries icon ♥
Love the coloring on these! The stock especially
I love Seinfeld
thank you!!
Snagged some true blood & lady gaga icons, will credit!
lovely! (:
thank you :D
36-37, 39-42, 46, 49-50, 52-56, 94-95 & 98.
[Credit given if used; usage might incl. writing journals.]

These were really lovely to see. I especially enjoyed the ones without text and quite a lot of the icons looked very crisp and clear.
ooh thanks for letting me know which numbers
and your comment :)
So, I came here via Merlin, and then I saw it was you and I squeed! because I usually love your icons!


Up to #93, there isn't one single icon that I don't want for myself. I'm not kidding. And even the ones that come after that, though I'm not into it, I love them all the same! IDEK, but your work is astonishingly good and entertaining (Apple!).
awww yay! :D :) that's so nice :D

seriously - thank you so much!!
Take a few icons, thanks. =)
Oh gods darling why is your work always so fabulous?

Seriously I snagged so many I can't even count them all. Will credit when used!


Psst...I don't suppose you could do a version of the text icons that are the play on the Keep Calm Carry On of just the regular version of it? If not that's fine just thought if you still had them at your finger tips... ;-)

Edited at 2010-03-31 04:30 pm (UTC)
LOL! you are too kind, as usual :) :D

* squishes *

I made this:
is that what you mean?
Love these!! Especially the Buffy one and a few True Blood.
thank you :D enjoy!!
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