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kurt halsey - type type

so_severus in d0rk_icons

215 icons - a big batch to bring in the new year

This batch is definitely random. Please check them out and hopefully you'll find something you'll like :D

ps - my new obsession is True Blood. Do many of you enjoy that show? If yes, I'll be sure to make more in the future. :)

first batch of 2010Collapse )


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These rock. I snagged 199 and 203. Simply amazing.
aaww yay! thanks :)
128-130: Why do I want to fondle David Tennant's stubble? Holy moly.
you are not the only one :D
I am definitely a fan of your icons, and I'm so happy to see you making True Blood ones. Yes, I'm True Blood obsessed!

If you're looking for some fun things to make in the True Blood fandom--I love long haired Eric, and I've always wanted an icon of Bill and dog Sam waiting outside Sookie's house in season 1.

Oh, and you need a True Blood tag ;-)
aww thanks!! haha I'm so excited for a new fandom

I will def make of eric with long hair
I don't know if I can find something that specific (bill and dog!sam) but I'll be on the look out. If you have a pic of that scene let me know! :D

* headdesk * how did I not put a true blood tag?!
Awesome icons, I took quite a few of the True Blood ones and will credit when used. :)
Loooooooooove these - especially the Disney icons! :)
thanks! :D
3, 38, 120, 177! Love them, thank you! :D
yay! enjoy them :D :)
Nice job with the icons. I took a few and will credit.
thank you! :)
your icon is so cool btw
these are wonderful! i took no.80 ^_^
thank you!
yay for UP - such a good movie!
Taking 86! Really funny icon. XD

Thanks for sharing!

Will credit when used. (:
And 5 too. Thanks lots!
Nominating #83 & 92 at wd_awards. :)
wow thanks!! :D
Oh damn, fantastic work on all of these. Love elephants and Kurt Halsey, so 14 and 23 were ganked, love PpG, so 33, 38, 39, 41, and 42 were ganked, and 86 simply speaks to me. Will credit, natch!
36, not 38. Does it matter? w/e.
aaargh so many pretty things, so many choices!
they are so beautiful!
also I'm slightly weirded out about our similar tastes hahaha
ah well great minds think alike ;) (yes! Powerpuff girls, Disney, Merlin!! Twilight, Doctor Who/DT, everything HP, True Blood!)

*sighs with happiness*
haha that's awesome that we share so many
It's hard to find someone who likes True Blood, Powerpuff and Disney haha :D :) :)
took 140 because I adore avpm. thank you!
heehee! great :D
I'll be making more of those for the next batch I hope :)
Taking some Up ones! <3
Your icons are amazing! Mind if I snag 36 and 86? Powerpuff Girls and Up! are love. :) Keep making icons, they're beautiful! And thanks!
thank you!!
enjoy - of course :D
taking number 23, will credit, thanks!
90 is just fantastic.
they all are.
beautiful icons.
thanks!! what nice comment :D :)
OMGZ Bubbles! I snagged #40. Great set!
bubbles is my favorite :D
saving an eric icon, thank you!!
enjoy :D
(I just pre-ordered the next True Blood book) hee
Omg, I'm in love for ALL of them! Just Awesome *___* Taking a lot! XD And will credit you =D
awww thank you so much!!!!!!
enjoy whatever you snag :D :)
Thanks for these, snagged the David Tennant ones... As always :)

Will credit when used,
man, I get emotional whenever someone mentions David now!
Wow, these are fabulous! (Found you through texticons411)
Took a few UP and some True Blood (177 FTW!)
Will credit when used. Thank you!
oh cool because I just joined the texticons comm! :D
aww yay and your icon is so cute :D
I loooove these true blood icons. will credit!
thanks!! :D
more to come!!
I snatched several of these they are amazing!!
thank you :D :)
I love your icon. I need to find that original pic so I can make icons heehee
I love kurt halsey!


Hi, I'm taking no. 40. Will credit.
enjoy mystery user! :P
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