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so_severus in d0rk_icons

215 icons - a big batch to bring in the new year

This batch is definitely random. Please check them out and hopefully you'll find something you'll like :D

ps - my new obsession is True Blood. Do many of you enjoy that show? If yes, I'll be sure to make more in the future. :)

first batch of 2010Collapse )


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Thanks so much for sharing with us.
I've snagged 15, 24, 141 to begin with...will certainly credit!
glad you like them!!
thanks :D
The Lady Gaga ones are so gorgeous I can't stop looking at them :P Especially the pinkish ones.. Probably gonna snag 139 bc it made my day :P
aww thanks!!! that means a lot coming from you
heehee I am definitely going to make more avpm quotes :D
watching a bit now
always makes me laugh
love this batch. am snagging 27-30, 83 and 94.
yay! that's so great. you are the first person to like 27-30! :D
I colored them to be like the pac man ghosts :D
awesome icons. snagging #34. will credit.
thanks! enjoy :D
Great job <3
took 47, 89 and 143 <3
thanks !
thank you, especially with letting me know which ones!
taking some gaga ;D
gorgeous colouring ♥
thanks <3
1. These are great, I wish I had space for icons on my journal :-)
2. Bubbles and the cat is absolutely adorable.
3. 120 scares me and turns me on at the same time.
4. I love the David Tennant and Rose/Doctor ones.
5. The HP text ones made me laugh :-)
1. thank you! I wish you did too. Hell, I would like more space and I have tons :x
2. I know!!! Aww I love powerpuff girls and cats so together it's like super adorable
3. hahahahha
4. yay!
5. good!! I will make more HP text ones so hopefully you'll laugh some more :D
awesome! took 43, 44, 45 & 201 - will credit of course :D
ooh 201! first one for that :D
and yay for Gaga :) :)
wow. gorgeous icons. Might snag a few heart ones. will credit if used.
thank you!
and lol at your icon :P
These are beautiful! Love the GaGa ones! xx
aww thanks :D
Oh sweets these are FABULOUS...the coloring is just amazing! Center Stage & Up!! Snagging a bunch...will credit when used.

Any possibility of getting some more Breakfast Club ones the next time you sneak out some time to make icons? *bats eyelashes*
aww thanks!! I am happy you noticed the coloring.
I've been trying out new things again :D :) :D
for you, I'll see what I can do :)
I made that one because someone on my f-list posted a larger pic of that... *cough* hint *cough* :P
damn this post is great
snagging the professor utonium one, some gaga & true blood!
heehee professor utonium is amazing :)
thanks for letting me know which types you like! enjoy :D
The Powerpuff Girls icons turned out adorable! <3
aww thanks! your caps were great :D :)
so really the adorableness is all because of you &hearts
and ooh, I love the David Tennant icons.
Eric is too gorgeous. I was on Team Bill but I have more icons with Eric because he's so pretty :P
mmm David. you have good taste :D :)
Took two powerpuff girls but I loved the gaga, doctor who, and true blood icons. :)
enjoy the powerpuffness :D
Omg alll sooooo yummy and awesome
thankiesssssssss <3
so many fandoms in one post! ♥♥♥ thank you!
I snagged a bunch!
Will credit when used :D
great icon :D
yay - enjoy!
aww I like your icon!!
I love Evan Rachel, Katie McGrath, Kristen Stewart and Alexander icons. Your coloring is Beautiful :) ♥ !!
thank you!!! I've been trying to get better at coloring :D
snagging some True Blood icons. Credit when used <33
yay! enjoy :)
Love the Center Stage ones! Also took a couple True Blood, will credit. :D
thanks!! enjoy :D :)
Took 39, 70, 94, 108. Awesome selection :)
thank you for letting me know which you like!!
I appreciate it :D
Beautiful batch and I just loved your text ones!!!
Saved badthings, thanks for sharing <3
aww thank you!!
my pleasure :D
Snagged #137 & #141 =)
totally awesome ;)
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