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snape - another ootp

so_severus in d0rk_icons

a lot of icons!

big batch and more to come before the new year (I hope... but we'll see)

Hope everyone is doing well with finals, grading, etc...

Happy Holidays :D

whee! I get to create new tags because of Merlin, Glee, Modern Family and more

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I love the 123# I will use and credit you <3
enjoy :D
Love the Office icons. Took the Male Preadonna! LOL! My favorite Music Video of all time. :D
I wish they could have played it on tv somehow so everyone can see how amazing that was!!
taking 40 with Mario and company - thanx! will credit when use :-)
great :D
dkfjdkf I'm taking a lot of these. You are very very talented. Taking the stock snowy ones, a mario,the high heels icon,lots of Gaga,and HP/Snape. Will credit you when used. Love the art!!! :D
wow you are too nice!!!
I'm really glad you like them :) :)
thank you so much for your comment!
Took some Lady GaGa, Glee and HP. You are very talented! Will credit, of course. :]
glad you like them! thank you so much :) :)
I love your style! I've found myself a new icon journal to watch. =)
awww!!!!!!! :) :) I'm so happy!
thank you so much!
LOVE the Gaga ones. Took a couple, will credit :D
thanks!!! enjoy
Took 6 & 10, using and for sure crediting! All of these are really nice
thank you!!
enjoy them :D
haha love male prima donna so much :)
Lovely! Taking several icons and will credit when used! And I am definitely going to start following your com!
aww fantastic!! :)
These are really lovely, your colouring and use of textures is so gorgeous. I've taken a few Doctor Who ones for later
:3 thank you
Thank you!!!!
Lovely icons!! Elijah is ♥ , Katie McGrath is adorableee! :)
thank you :D
Love your Doctor Who icons, snagging a few! Thanks &hearts
thanks! enjoy :)
These are so awesome! Love all the Office + Gaga Ones! I'm gonna snag a couple && I'll be sure to credit!
thank you!!! enjoy :D :)
love them :D
enjoy :D
I took a Lady Gaga one. They're all so awesome. I'll definitely credit.
yay! thanks
enjoy! glad you like the stock icons :)
Took 46, 48, and 153; thanks!
enjoy and thanks for letting me know which ones :D
you do GREAT work :)
i took #28 for later use. will credit!
thank you!!
my site: http://protivlzhi.mylivepage.ru/image/index/
I from Russia..
Goog bae!:)..

As you can see

Took #61 *drools*

Re: As you can see

probably one of my faves too :)
glad you like it!


I love, love, love the Kelly Kapoor ones. I'm snagging them and will credit (of course). Keep up the good work! :D
Snagged a few!
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