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snape - another ootp

so_severus in d0rk_icons

a lot of icons!

big batch and more to come before the new year (I hope... but we'll see)

Hope everyone is doing well with finals, grading, etc...

Happy Holidays :D

whee! I get to create new tags because of Merlin, Glee, Modern Family and more

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I don't know which I love more: the fandom icons or the non-fandom icons. Guess I will just have to snag equal amount of both (with credit, of course).

Though I must say that #170 has totally stolen my heart. :)

I think 170 is hands down the most popular one from the post :D
glad so many people like it!
Took number 172 - will duly credit, of course.
Brilliant, utterly brilliant.
thank you!
enjoy :D
love love love those Glee icons. ♥ thank you.
yay that makes me want to make more glee onces!
thanks :D
Took a few, will credit, thank you!
very welcome! enjoy :)
Wow, #23 is so gorgeous!
Very pretty work.
thank you your snape with a santa's hat icon is fabulous! <3
haha excellent thanks
Take a few icons, thanks. =)
enjoy! love your icon
That's an amazing set! Thanks a lot.
thanks :D
Why oh why has it taken me so long to get to this post...oyness. Anyway FABULOUS as always snagged a bunch and of course I'll credit when used.

Hope all is well and Happy Winter Holidays to you and yours!!

(by the way have you had a chance to read the diaries yet?)
can I tell you how much I've missed you?! I don't have time for anything except glancing at my inbox and you change your userpics a lot and I'm just like aww hope she is doing well

oh, right. what are we talking about?

thanks!!! Had a great holiday hope yours is going well :D :)

I only read some - of course the bit you told me to read. I feel like I never have any time for fun reading. I think my new idea will be to bring it with me everywhere. That way I can try and squeeze in a few minutes a day!! Thanks again for it.

Took some icons...will credit.

Lovely work.
thank yOU!
can't see the icons *cries*. hope your bandwith will be okay soon ^^.
happy holidays.
I really hope you can see it now!!
yeah I never had any issues before with bandwidth but I gave photobucket some money :/ now things should be in order! sorry about that
Took 103 - will credit!
taking some doctor who icons and some random icons (cupcakes, mario).

will credit. thanks!
yay enjoy :d
wow,lovely icons,love the stock ones and the gaga ones ;D
thanks!! :)
Lovely icons, especially the stock ones. :)
thanks! I love stock icons but to me they're the hardest to make
thanks for letting me know which ones :D
Taken #3. Thank you!
Very nice! Taking a few, will credit:)
thanks! enjoy :D
Took #39!
yay :D
niiiice batch. love the stock ones, especially 11 and 15
thank you!
glad you like them and thanks for telling me which ones :D :)
I just found your icon journal again, and I'm so glad I did! I've taken #3, 6, 65, 134 and 175 (the last two are especially favorites), and will credit when used. Thanks!

Edited at 2009-12-29 04:36 pm (UTC)
I'm glad too!! :)
175 is one of my faves as well
your Gaga ones are lovely, snagged a few. thanks.
thank you!
:( boo

if you saw me post on stock_icons late it was because my posting access didn't come about until the day I posted :x I was hoping it would have been sooner but I believe the mods were on holiday

anyway that was long :P

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