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snape - another ootp

so_severus in d0rk_icons

a lot of icons!

big batch and more to come before the new year (I hope... but we'll see)

Hope everyone is doing well with finals, grading, etc...

Happy Holidays :D

whee! I get to create new tags because of Merlin, Glee, Modern Family and more

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Taking some Doctor Who! Thanks so much! :)
enjoy! you are so welcome - I love when I get to see people using any of my icons :) :) :)
Love the Glee icons.
These are so great! Snagged some "The Office" and "Modern Family" ones with credit, thanks. :D
whoo! someone else likes modern family :) :) isn't that show fantastic??!
enjoy :)
yay! thanks :D
aww fantastic - enjoy!
haahaa aaa love these! ♥:)
glad to hear :) :)
Loving your icons, sweetie! You have a lot of talent! ♥
aww that's so nice of you!! thanks a lot :)
Taking a few, thank you! :)
Aah! Real Monsters! xD
I remember that show! I loved it as a kid but could never remember what time it was on at so only caught it sometimes!
same!! I forgot their names but I used to love watching whenever I caught it
OMG!!!! These avis are so great!!!!!!! I loved it!

But, what can I do, my fav ones are TheOffice avis, oh, just loved them so much!!! The 68th one hold so much love, well, so as 76th one LOL
On the 81th one there's smth in Pam, I don't know, it just hypnotized me somehow, gosh, gotta love this girl <3

And the GLEE ones, omg, are so .... glee LOL Love my Rachel Berry girl)

and the last OMG: You have here my two all time favourite movies, 174th 'Romeo and Juliet' one is fantastic, cropping and pic itself are perfect as well as coloring! And 179th - Center Stage!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, didn't see this movie for soooo long, gotta rewatch it right now)

aww thank you!! I love 68 and 76 so much too. I need to decide which one of those I should use :/

ugh Romeo and Juliet and Center Stage are also my faves love them!!

thanks for your comment!! :D :)
Snagging too many of the Office ones to name. Thanks! =]
yay! enjoy! :D
taken some kurt ones will credit :)
enjoy! love your current kurt one :D
Hooray, icons!
Toom 3 and 4 (coz I love winter trees), 25 (reminds me of myself), 30 (so cute!), 61 (ho could I resist?), 65 and 66 (we likes it) and 174 ( I still love this movie). Which by no means should imply that I don't like the others! They're great, as usual, and make very, very happy :)
no joke i thought 25 and 27 reminded me of you!
romeo and juliet is one of my favorites
I loved it and the soundtracks <3333333

thank you!!!!! hearts
took a bunch, will credit when used
Wheeee!!! These are soo awesome!!! Am possibly snagging some stock ones and the Snape + books one. ^^
thank you!! <333

great icons!

Saved #5, 61, 65, 70, 71, 80, 86, 100, 101, 115, 126 & 147. Will credit when used!

Re: great icons!

ooh thanks! enjoy them :)
and also glad you let me know which ones
Awww, yay, it's been so long!! *hugs*
Snagging a couple, will credit! <3
enjoy :D :)
Hey there!
How utterly nice to see you sticking around.
And the icons are beautiful too. ♥
it's been so long!
hope you have been doing well
thanks ♥
Saved some Merlin, thanks! ♥
Oh love your work. :) Great icons. Will snagg a few and of course I will credit. ^____^ Have a merry christmas. :)
thank you!! :D
merry christmas
I love your arts. Very nice.
So many lovely choices! I'm definitely snagging several - will credit!

Santa Snape!!
yay :D

Lovely mixed batch. ^^

Saved TARDIS tree, arrgh! real monsters. I like the use your brain one too!
The Harry Potter ones are really different and lovely! Snape + books *sighs*

aww yay another person who remembers ahh! real monsters :D
thank you for your comment
Ridiculously-FAB icons!!
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