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harry potter - screw expelliarmus

so_severus in d0rk_icons

More Chapter Art w/some animated ones :)

40 Deathly Hallows Chapter Art icons

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28
29 30 31 32
33 34 35 36
37 38 39 40

* comment
* credit to so_severus or d0rk_icons
* previous DH chapter art icons
* Again, I got these images from Leaky's gallery under Chapter Art.


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Took #2, 'cause awwwwwww. Will credit. These are all so great!
yeah I had to start using that one because <3
Oh, these are great! Ganked number 10, will credit! :)
that's one of my faves :D
I love number 5. Will credit when used. Thanks! =)
Oh yay! Took #11. *_*
what is your icon from? that looks like buttercup from PPG????
Thanks. :)
you are most welcome - ps I want to post at iconstudio but should I not do any previews?
I adore number 29.
awesome! I was like time to try something different :)

Ok, I absolutely adore #22. Thanks. *g* Keyword: Politics.

thanks! I really couldn't believe how EVIL Umbridge could be... new low

Taking a few *lolz at 15*

Taking a few..including 15 for when my friends all finish the book
Harry should have been like April Foolz bitchz
I love them :D Espacially these with Snape and Lily. And the doe ♥
anything that has to do with snape is my favorite :P
Those are great! I love them. nice job.
thank you :) :)
I usually am not a fan of the art but I'm really liking it for DH
aww at #2
i'm gonna snatch that one or 8 or 9
and lmao at #15
what chapter are 36-40 from?
#2 is like * tear *
you know I couldn't find 36 - 40 in my book ! weird, rite?
they were listed with deathly hallows art so maybe it's like buried in the middle of a chapter or at the end somewhere? :/
OMG, I loved these. awwwww at #2, too.
#2 is def one of my faves :/
Oooh, I love these! I can't decide which ones to take because they're all lovely. I'll definitely credit you once I use them. :D
aww thanks!!
Snagged a few.. I love these, especially how you added in the bits of color.
thank you!!!
yay that people aren't hating on the color blobs :P
I love them :x
These are *wonderful*.... let me know if you take requests. I took 5-11 and will credit. Thank you!
yep two posts back there is a request going on.
I haven't looked yet so go ahead and request there :D

Aww, thank you for making icons with the Snape/Lily pic.. I've been dying to see some. Snagged #5 and will credit.
I could have made more - I LOVED that pic so much
snape/lily = <3
Saving "teh bat" ;)
Those look good! Snagged #4, 33-35. Will credit! Thanks!
aww yay that someone likes 33-35!
#10 IS THE BEST ICON EVVAARRR!! Snagged and will credit. ^__^ THANKS!
thank you and I agree :P
I love the way it came out and sev/lily is too cute :D
Oh, #4 is priceless! Lovely batch :)
doctor who references ftw
I took #29. It's lovely.
oh yay! I'm glad you like it :D
I might have to make more with the same style
#23 is awesome!
reg = bad ass :D
taking #29 and #40 because they are really something.
these are wonderful, took a few.
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