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doctor who - season 3

so_severus in d0rk_icons

85 icons

warning: icons from the latest Doctor Who episode

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* comment
* credit to so_severus or d0rk_icons
* enjoy! watch/join/whatever :)


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Simply gorgeous. I'm in love with #69! :)
tongue pr0n
These are so great. I'm taking 2, 14, 28 & 32
Thank you.
thanks so much :)
2 is one of my faves - I'm going to have to edit my userpics again lol
These are beautiful! I love all your "Blink" icons! Ooh, especially 47 — I love how it gets the bow and arrows in there. It made my Robin Hood fangirl happy, heehee. And those Tudors icons are wonderful, too.

Those animated ones are kind of creepy, lol. :/ And I love David Tennant's facial expressions. :D

Saving #s 40, 47, 48, 58, 71, 74, & 77. Will credit. Thank you! These are great :)
thanks! I was so squeeing when the doctor was all robin hoodish. :) I actually had a hard time making icons of Blink and deleted many of them because I would have nightmares (I scare easily).

Thanks for your comment and enjoy! :D
I'm taking several of the Alan icons and a couple of the Garfield ones. As always, these are beautiful! :D
thanks so much :)
Love the "In Demand", "Blink" and the first Stephen Colbert icon <3
Gorgeous, as usual. Where in the WORLD did you get the texture you used on six and seven? They're beautiful.
thanks - I combined like 5 different textures to get that effect.
let's see... a light texture, a scratch texture, a text brush, a mask, and another light texture :P
Snatched a couple of the "Tudors" ones... absolutle love!
yay for someone liking Tudors :D
Oh, beautiful! It ook 44, 47, 49, 53, 68, 70, 74, 75 and 76. With many thanks.
thanks so much! Blink was so fantastic I kind a went insane making so many icons from it. :x
Snagged #65. Thanks!

(And nicely done with the Colbert icons. That was so funny.)

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when Stephen was doing that! I wish I had good caps so I can make more and better icons. Alas I will have to settle for the memory of it
Love the Alan In Demand icons!
I could watch that video all the time :)
Took some tongue!pr0n, specs, and #81. Oh, and #7 as an afterthought. All are quite lovely; love the different treatments on the angels and the phone box.
thanks so much :)
yay for 7 too.
I'm taking several from the Doctor Who set. I love the B&W!

I thought he would look better in b/w for those :) thanks so much!
enjoy :D
They're fabulous! Love all the Blink, of course, and the Alan Rickman too. I don't recognize all of those - can you tell me what they're from? What is In Demand?
In Demand was a music video he was in for the band texas
it's hott :)

So many times we think of Lovely Alan and his characters as brooding, but #5 -- for which I thank you -- is so charming.
I love carefree alan :)
Taking a bunch of DW icons. Will credit when used. :)
Gorgeous! And I LOVE 51... what you've done with the colouring is awesome, there.
thanks so much! yay that icon is one of my favorites because of its coloring :)
Fabulous work...took numbers 65 and 78 and will credit when used :D
thanks! enjoy :D
kitttty I can't get enough of doctor/kitty. He should get a kitty for the tardis.
Yay! These are wonderful. I took a bunch of the Blink icons. You should makes a 'Well 4 things and a lizard' icon. That is still my favorite line LoL.

Love them, as always, sweetheart.
I was going to make text ones of the episode and completely forgot!
* tries to remember *

yeah I loved that bit :)

thanks so much <3
76 is just...awesome *stares a while* brilliant
thanks so much! :D
yay - enjoy :)
These are amazing!
I especially love 68, 69 and 80.
And all the rest. x3
I loved his expressions in 68 and 69! I was so happy there were caps of it :D
enjoy and thanks for the comment :D
Wonderful colouring and picture clarity! Snagging 69, thank you!
thanks so much! I tried hard to color the doctor who ones to the best of my ability... too bad david was in an old tv and not some HD box :P
enjoy :)
taking 69 and 72... really nice!
enjoy :D
aww :(
the episode was too funny. I can rummage around for the clip if you'd like for that scene?
God. Blink was amazing. ♥

Took 47 because the doctor looks rather dashing, but then I saw 74 and thought, well, even better XD (weird, I didn't notice before, 47, 74, *g*)

And I also 51 because it's full of awesome.


*sighs* lj hates me lately and won't let me choose what icon I want to use. You can pretend there's a lovely photo of the Dr there. ;)
Blink was one of the best episodes ever. I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately but damn. Friggin fantastic!
lol you know I totally forgot about 74 and now might change the icon I'm using (47) to it! lol

too many icons not enough space :P

boo on lj
* pictures one *
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